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Microbrewery Chooses High Recycled Content Can for Its Beer [VIDEO]

The Associated Press aired a story today featuring our first evercanTM customer, Red Hare Brewing Company, around why they decided to begin packaging in high recycled content aluminum cans. Thomas Sanders, an aluminum expert with Georgia Tech’s School of Materials Science and Engineering also weighed in, agreeing that the introduction of a high recycled content beverage can to the craft beer audience makes sense and he anticipates more and more people will get involved.


Advancing STEM careers, 80 engineers at a time

This summer marks the beginning of our 4th Engineering Development Program (EDP) at Novelis, with some of the world’s finest early career engineers from North America, South America, Europe coming together at our Global Research and Technology Center in Kennesaw, GA to kick-start their STEM careers. Participants from Korea, Malaysia and China will also kick off the program in Asia this September. Read more »

Congressman Gingrey visits Novelis Global Research and Technology Center

This week, Congressman Gingrey paid a visit to the Novelis Global Research and Technology Center in Kennesaw, GA.  Phil Gingrey, M.D. is the U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 11th congressional district, serving since 2003. His visit took place during Congress’ summer recess, enabling the Congressman to meet with Novelis Senior VP and Chief Technical Officer, Jack Clark, and learn more about the innovations taking place at the R&T Center in the Congressman’s district.

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The next generation of aluminum in automotive applications

CAR_ImageToday, I join peers, customers and fellow innovators in the automotive sector in discussing what defines world-class automotive manufacturing. We’ve come together at the 2014 Center for Automotive Research (CAR) Management Briefing Seminars in Michigan to break down what defines excellence, where we stand today and how we can continue to move forward.

For Novelis, world-class manufacturing begins with a world-class material. More than forty percent of our global R&D is dedicated to automotive research – the largest investment in any single market segment for our company. We do this because we know the opportunities for aluminum in automotive. We’ve realized many of them.

For example, the one-piece body-side used by the Range Rover, the largest single aluminum automotive body panel in the world to date, was made possible by Novelis automotive alloy R&D. This manufacturing feat was first made possible with the invention of the e170 alloy, part of the Novelis AdvanzTM family of alloys, invented specifically for this kind of demanding component manufacturing.

But the reality is that “world-class” is forever evolving, redefining what it means with every latest breakthrough. At Novelis, we embrace that evolution – in fact, we have a history of leading it.

For nearly forty years, Novelis has led the industry in automotive aluminum metallurgy, surface finishes and applications, and we’re continuing to lead the way in areas like advanced component forming – enabling leading edge styling and new levels of strength and toughness for safety and durability.

We’re making further breakthroughs in our multi-alloy tailored solutions, and our testing of a new AdvanzTM e200 alloy is demonstrating it can outperform even the e170 alloy in certain applications. And there’s plenty more examples of work like this taking place in our R&D centers around the world.

All of this proves that the latest innovation is never permanent, that as an industry we must continuously push ourselves and our peers to work to improve even the things that aren’t broken.  At Novelis, we’ve had a long history of raising the bar when it comes to world-class manufacturing, and we’re moving at a pace to make it a long future.

What’s better than craft beer in a can? Craft beer in an evercan…

Novelis evercan and Red Hare Brewing Company share a booth at Oskar Blues Burning Can Festival to tell the story of the world’s first beer in an evercan.

Novelis evercan and Red Hare Brewing Company shared a booth at Oskar Blues Burning Can Festival to tell the story of the world’s first beer in an evercan.

This summer we took a road trip to Brevard, NC, just outside of Asheville, to celebrate craft beer in a can at the Oskar Blues Burning Can Festival.

Joined by our friends at Marietta-based Red Hare Brewing Company – the first beverage brand to can their drinks in evercan™ -  we weren’t just celebrating craft beer in a can, we were celebrating craft beer in an evercan, the world’s first sustainable beverage can with a minimum 90 percent certified recycled content.

And we weren’t alone. Nearly 1,200 people and 30 other craft brewers passionate about canned beer turned out to celebrate a more sustainable way to package their unique varieties of craft beers. And that’s when we broke the news that craft beer in a can just got even better.

Red Hare brews in First Edition evercan packaging, alongside Oskar Blue’s signature Burning Can beer sampler.

Red Hare brews in First Edition evercan packaging, alongside Oskar Blue’s signature Burning Can beer sampler.

We shared our story with an amazing response. Consumers and craft brew brands alike were eager to hear about a can that’s not just infinitely recyclable, but infinitely recycled, closing the loop and creating a great example of a can to can circular economy.

Even the local news caught on and decided to share our story with the wider Asheville community.

The best part? Thanks to Oskar Blues’ Can’d Aid Foundation, all the cans consumed during the festival were recycled with help from the Foundation’s new recycling grants program, enabling all those used cans to become new cans in just 60 days.